Steve Genereau

October 19, 2017

Mr. Genereau serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Deposit Officer of Reich & Tang. He is responsible for identifying and growing deposit relationships that support the firm’s deposit programs.

Mr. Genereau provides consultation to the nation’s largest financial institutions, community banks, and broker-dealers regarding innovative deposit solutions focused on profitability, regulatory compliance, and long-term planning. Mr. Genereau speaks in national forums and meets with hundreds of banks to educate executives on the changing deposit landscape and developing long-term strategies to support banks’ funding needs through any market environment. His expertise is in total balance sheet management, contingent liquidity planning, and diversified funding strategies.

Prior to joining Reich & Tang, Mr. Genereau served as Chief Deposit Officer of Double Rock Corporation, whose assets were purchased by Reich & Tang in January 2011. His prior experience includes executive roles at PrimeVest Financial Services, Inc., a subsidiary of ING, where he managed sales and operations, and focused on commercial and brokerage sweep and institutional cash investments.

Mr. Genereau received his B.A. in history from St. John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota.