With cash allocations and the demand for FDIC insurance at their highest level in decades, we offer a leading insured deposits program that will ensure your firm remains competitive.

Reich & Tang Insured Deposits is an expanded FDIC-insured sweep program that enables your customers to protect their cash holdings with $10 million of FDIC insurance and more, while generating significant fee revenues.

Reich & Tang Insured Deposits has billions of dollars in capacity that is ready to be put to work for your program and for your customers.  You can be assured that our program has sufficient deposit-taking capacity from our banks at all times.

A meaningful competitive advantage of the Reich & Tang Insured Deposits program is our ability to be unrestricted in the types of customers who can place deposits with us.  Our program is offered to all account types—including corporate accounts and retirement accounts.

Low-cost deposits can be directed to your affiliated bank through our allocation process to generate sizeable interest rate spreads.

This program is also an effective and attractive means of helping financial advisors gather assets and grow their books of business.

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