With billions of dollars in total deposits sourced for our clients, Reich & Tang is one of the most relied upon partners for deposit funding solutions. Community banks, mid-sized banks, and some of the largest banks in the world choose us because of our experience and flexibility in solving their unique needs.

We offer easy-to-implement, low-cost solutions that help to diversify both liquidity and counterparty risk. We satisfy banks’ needs through two distinctive solutions: Reich & Tang Insured Deposits and the Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM) program.

The Demand Deposit Marketplace® Program

For flexibility and multiple options, community bankers turn to Reich & Tang for our Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM) program. Our DDM®  program is the only daily sweep program that offers four relationship choices and provides a total balance sheet management solution.  The DDM program has been proven to help community bankers better compete in an environment marked by changing regulations and evolving customer behavior.

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As an automated, daily sweep service, the DDM program enables bankers to provide their customers with expanded levels of FDIC insurance while having unmatched control over their liquidity and balance sheet needs with the choice of becoming a Send, Receive, Reciprocal, or Reciprocal Plus bank. Whether you’re looking to maintain deposit levels with millions in FDIC insurance or to attract higher volumes as a funding source, or whether you have excess liquidity to invest, the DDM program offers the right relationship for you.

Here are the four relationships offered in our DDM program:

Send Only

Send excess deposits to other DDM banks

  • Provide expanded FDIC insurance
  • Generate fee income
  • Mitigate carrying costs
  • Shrink balance sheet

Receive Only

Take on additional deposits from other DDM banks

  • Diversify funding sources
  • Fund loan demand
  • Strengthen balance sheet
  • Supplement/establish contingent funding plan


Exchange deposits with other DDM banks

  • Provide expanded FDIC insurance
  • Maintain deposit levels
  • Daily liquidity
  • Ideal option for public funds (municipalities)

Reciprocal "Plus"

Exchange deposits with other DDM banks

  • Provide expanded FDIC insurance
  • Increase deposit levels
  • Send excess deposits back at any time
  • Supplement/establish contingent funding plan

Reich & Tang Insured Deposits

Our deposit capture program enables banks to grow and diversify their deposit bases. We administer the program, which is sponsored by broker-dealers, clearing firms, and other financial intermediaries. These sponsors are thereby able offer their customers expanded levels of FDIC insurance.

Because the key to offering expanded FDIC insurance through one account is contingent upon the number of deposit-taking banks that participate in the program, it is critical that your chosen partner have multiple bank relationships. At Reich & Tang, we’re proud to have hundreds of relationships with banks across the country, from community banks up through the largest global banking brands.

Through agreements with broker-dealers and clearing firms, our Insured Deposits pools customers’ cash and sweeps deposits into accounts established with these program banks. The deposits are stable, retail-focused balances that require no service transaction support by your bank.

To learn more about the DDM program and Reich & Tang Insured Deposits, contact us now.

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