With an industry-recognized legacy, reinforced every day through our sole focus on deposit, liquidity, and cash management, our expertise is sought out by clients who are particularly interested in the flexibility of our solutions.

The nation’s largest brokerage, trust and advisory firms turn to us for our cash management solutions.

Banks of all sizes can achieve their liquidity goals through our balance sheet management solutions – the most comprehensive in the industry. We can help you strengthen your balance sheets, fund loan growth, establish or supplement contingency funding plans, and diversify your counterparty risk.

For institutional investors such as public/state run investment pools, we offer smart alternatives to money funds.

Our solutions at a glance:

Bank Solutions

The Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM) Program

Comprehensive, daily balance sheet management solution that enables banks to receive, send, or exchange deposits with other banks to meet their unique needs while offering customers access to millions of dollars in FDIC insurance through participating banks in the program.

Deposit Sourcing Solutions

Array of relevant and forward-thinking solutions for banks of all sizes, adapted to each client’s particular needs and challenges.

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Reich & Tang Insured Deposits

Industry leading cash management program with millions in FDIC insurance through participating banks in the program, plus daily liquidity through the convenience of one account.

Bank Sourcing Expertise

Our broker-dealer clients benefit from Reich & Tang’s long-standing relationships through an impressive network of U.S. banking institutions and the leverage that our program deposits have in determining rate, deposit capacity, and other terms.

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Manager Solutions

The Demand Deposit Marketplace® (DDM)Program

Cash management program that enables access to millions in FDIC insurance through participating banks, designed as smart alternatives to money market mutual funds for your cash balances.

Trust/Wealth Management Services

This program enables banks to monetize trust/wealth management cash balances as a reliable, immediate source of funding.

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