Reich & Tang Rebrands as R&T

October 2, 2020

NEW YORK, NY (October 5, 2020) Reich & Tang Deposit Solutions, the go-to liquidity and cash management partner for banks, broker-dealers, trust and wealth managers, announces its official rebranding to R&T Deposit Solutions, effective immediately.

R&T’s rebrand comes during a period of immense growth and market share, with the company increasing its assets under administration over 60% in the last 12 months. Over the same period, R&T also grew its reciprocal deposits by 60%, adding to the overall growth and stability of the firm.

“We’ve built relationships with our clients for so long, the name everyone has become accustomed to calling us is R&T,” said Tom Nelson, executive vice president and chief investment officer at R&T. “This rebrand reflects that usage and puts everyone on the same page when discussing R&T’s high-quality offerings in the industry. We believe it’s in the best interest of the firm and our clients to align how we’re referenced day-to-day with how we brand ourselves to the public.”

The decision to rebrand provides a perfect opportunity to highlight R&T’s name recognition in the financial services sector. R&T’s legacy and history as an independent provider of cash solutions is stronger today than ever before because we work diligently to earn the trust of our clients so they can provide outstanding service to their clients and customers.

“I’ve been working with R&T for many years,” said Laurie Liebers, head of treasury management services at Investors Bank. “They are responsive and flexible, which allows me to provide our bank clients with FDIC insured products and peace of mind. I consider R&T a trusted partner who takes a personal interest in me, my clients and my business goals.” 

No other firm offers the same level of personalized service and flexibility or helps clients maximize liquidity like R&T. We provide the best service in the space and we plan to be here for years to come as R&T Deposit Solutions.

“Nothing about who we serve, what we offer, or how we execute these efforts will change. We are still the same service-driven company, providing flexible, FDIC insured cash solutions to our clients.” Said COO, Joseph Jerkovich, “The partners at R&T continue to be engaged in every aspect of the business, just as they have always been”.




R&T’s Services include:

  • High Levels of FDIC Insurance
    Enables end clients to receive millions of dollars in FDIC insurance on cash balances 
  • Competitive Returns while Decreasing Portfolio Risk
    The guarantee of FDIC insurance eliminates market and credit risks associated with pooled (money fund) or other direct short-term investments

  • Funding Source for the Bank
    Seamlessly enables the bank to access bank investment clients’ cash balances as a stable, reliable, in-house funding source, if desired, which is not possible with money market mutual funds.

  • Strategic Balance Sheet Management
    Flexibility of programs enables banks to send deposits off balance sheet, take as needed deposits back on to balance sheet (not possible with money funds), or reciprocate deposits, which can be set to any reciprocity ratio that makes the most sense for the bank on any given day.


About R&T

R&T, registered service mark of Reich & Tang Deposit Networks, LLC, is one of the nation’s largest independent firms dedicated solely to offering deposit and liquidity solutions to financial intermediaries and public and private investment entities. The firm is focused on creating, improving, and delivering smarter ideas to help banks, brokerages, trust/wealth managers, RIAs, and public and private sector companies maximize the value of their deposit, liquidity, and short-term investment programs. This singular focus across multiple business lines combines to form a unique perspective and expertise that provides a deeper insight into the multiple disciplines of cash management.