R&T Deposit Solutions (R&T) and Total Bank Solutions (TBS) Have Combined to Drive Innovation and Expand Our Product Offerings

Together, we’ve combined to expand our suite of innovative products and services in order to help banks, credit unions, wealth managers and trust institutions meet their unique cash sweep, deposit funding and securities-based lending needs.

Demand Deposit Marketplace®

An easy-to-implement, low-cost solution that provides bank customers with access to extended FDIC insurance coverage through participating banks in the DDM program.

Your Trusted Liquidity Management Partner Has a New Name!

Reich & Tang is officially rebranding to R&T Deposit Solutions but we remain the same service-driven company, providing access to flexible, FDIC insured cash solutions to our clients.

Press Release

Reich & Tang Deposit Networks, LLC (R&T) and Total Bank Solutions (TBS) Announce Plan to Combine Firms to Accelerate Growth, Drive Innovation and Expand Product Offerings

“Reciprocal Deposits Can Help Community Banks Save Small Business”

Allotting space on their balance sheets allows banks to increase lending to small businesses at a time when they need it the most.

Looking to attract more customer deposits?

We develop cash management programs that give you the flexibility to take care of your customers’ needs.