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Welcome media professionals. Reich & Tang’s Press Room is here for you to keep current on what is going on at Reich & Tang and the many topics and areas of expertise we offer within the deposit, liquidity and cash management space. We believe you will find that our experts offer you the most forward-thinking and relevant information as it pertains to our businesses and the many stories you cover on a daily basis.

About Reich & Tang

Reich & Tang is one of the nation’s longest-running administrators of FDIC insured programs. Our daily focus is to create, improve, and deliver smarter ideas to help banks, broker-dealers, and institutions maximize the value of their deposit, liquidity, and short-term investment programs. This singular focus across several business channels combines to form a unique perspective and expertise that provides a deeper insight into the multiple disciplines within cash management.

Expertise and Opinions:

  • FDIC insured sweep programs offering high levels of FDIC insurance
  • Bank liquidity, balance sheet management, deposit funding solutions
  • Basel Accord expertise
  • Expanded FDIC insurance programs — deposit capacity, program growth/popularity
  • Safety in cash sweep programs
  • Technology — innovation in sweep programs
  • Why money fund industry is expected to continue its consolidation
  • Money market mutual funds — regulatory debate, future of the industry, the shift to FDIC programs
  • Much more...

We invite you to explore our website for more specific information about our company, its products and services, and the clients we serve.

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