Company Overview

Reich & Tang is one of the nation’s largest firms dedicated solely to offering deposit and liquidity solutions to financial intermediaries and public and private investment entities. The firm is focused on creating, improving, and delivering smarter ideas to help banks, brokerages, wealth managers, RIAs, and public and private sector clients maximize the value of their deposit, liquidity, and short-term investment programs. This singular focus across multiple business lines combines to form a unique perspective and expertise that provides a deeper insight into the multiple disciplines of cash management.

Reich & Tang is a leading provider of FDIC insured cash sweep programs offered through sponsoring banks, broker-dealers, trust companies, and clearing platforms. Through its FDIC programs, the firm provides banks with the most strategic balance sheet management programs that enable them to precisely control balance sheet liquidity levels on any given day.

Broker-Dealer Solutions

FDIC-Insured Deposit Sweep Program—An industry leading sweep program that provides investors with the safety of up to $2.5 million in FDIC insurance ($5 million for joint accounts), and daily liquidity through the convenience of one account.

Cash Management Account Services—A complete suite of cash management services including check writing, Visa® Gold and Platinum cards, and ACH services —all seamlessly integrated into sweep programs.

Bank Solutions

Demand Deposit MarketplaceSM (DDM)—A comprehensive, daily balance sheet management sweep solution that enables banks to receive, send, or exchange deposits with other banks to meet their unique balance sheet management needs while offering customers millions of dollars in FDIC insurance

Deposit Sourcing Solutions—Reich & Tang provides the most relevant and forward thinking deposit sourcing solutions to banks of all sizes. These low-cost, stable, retail balances, that require no service transaction to banks, are ideal for strengthening balance sheets, funding loan growth, establishing or supplementing contingency funding plans, and diversifying counterparty risk.

Trust\Wealth Management Services—Multi-million dollar FDIC insured cash sweep programs designed as smart alternatives to money market mutual funds for trust/wealth management clients’ cash balances.
Uniquely, the program enables banks to monetize trust/wealth management cash balances as a reliable, immediate source of funding.

Public Entities—FDIC insured alternatives to money market mutual funds for public/state run investment pools where FDIC insured cash investments are mandated by investment policy.